Integrating Java in Python with JTool

MERESCO combines components written in various programming languages. It uses Python to tie these components together. It integrates Java using JTool. It began with Lucene Lucene is a well-known Java …


The high concurrent performance of Meresco is not achieved by deploying an army of processes and threads but by the asynchronous power of Weightless. Server processes are either synchronous or …

Storage versus Index

In a lot of search engines the data and indices are stored together, creating a single huge entity. This approach potentionally leads to a number of problems, ranging from backup …

What to do with Linked Data?

The web is moving towards linked data. Many data collections are available as Linked Data, including Dutch scientific libraries, museums and archives. What can we do with all this data? What tools do we need? The good news is that Linked Data can be adopted incrementally.

Inbox component

For a long time the only means to insert records into a Meresco index was by harvesting them from an OAI repository. Over time a need arised to be able to insert records from non OAI sources. This has been accomplished by making use of the ‘Inbox’ component.

Dependable OAI Repositories

With the rising popularity of Open Access, organizations expect their OAI repositories to be highly dependable. The repository must be able to deal with millions of records and respond quickly to frequent requests from Service Providers. The Meresco community followed these developments by continuously improving Meresco’s OAI components.

Wikiwijs, EduRep and Meresco

The Wikiwijs website was launched December 14 by the Dutch minister of education as an open environment in which every teacher can find, use and adapt learning materials for any educational level. Wikiwijs search is powered by KennisNet’s EduRep platform which is based on Meresco.

Autocomplete with 5 million+ proper names

The Library of the Technical University Delft (TUDelft) added an autocomplete function on their Discover site using Meresco. It suggests search terms using the full corpus of all their databases Also, it suggests more specific terms when users use fields in their query.